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One of my friends has the sweetest little Siberian Husky puppy. From AKC S. Find a dog trainer near your location and take the Canine Good Citizen test for your dog.

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Some dogs do this whenever anyone greets them, but often the leakage problem only occurs with certain individuals or with people who have a certain appearance or voice tone. It is fairly common in young puppies who have less control over their bladder and are easily excited, though it usually goes away as the dog matures. Some dogs, however, continue this habit into adulthood.

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In a pack, dogs have many ways to show the leader that they accept his role as top dog and thus avoid a confrontation. You have probably seen that some dogs roll on their backs and urinate on themselves; this is known as submissive peeing urination. In order to understand submissive urination, we must understand the language of dominance and submissiveness.

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Submissive wetting or urination is a normal way for puppies to demonstrate submissive behavior. Even a puppy that is otherwise housetrained may leave dribbles and puddles of urine at your feet and on the floor when greeting you. Submissive urination is the ultimate show of respect and deference for higher rank.

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If your new housebroken puppy or rescued dog occasionally pees on the floor for no apparent reason, then you might have a dog with a submissive or excitement urination issue. Any inappropriate urinationregardless of where it occurs, could signal an underlying health problem, so it's worth knowing what submissive or excitement urination looks like and when something more serious may be going on with your dog. For older dogs, occasional incontinence is to be expected.

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Q Our ten-month-old Cockapoo is adorable; however, he has a problem. Whenever he gets excited, especially when my grown children and grandchildren come over, he pees on them and on the floor. We try very hard to give him lots of attention and everyone greets him on arrival, but the peeing is quite extensive.

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I f your precious pooch has an unpleasant habit of peeing whenever she's excited, don't assume that the problem will necessarily go away with a little time. Although excitement urination is particularly common in puppies, for some, the behavior may continue into the full-grown adult stage. If you notice that your doggie seems to have a habit of peeing whenever he's feeling stimulated or happy, excitement urination may be his issue.

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Sometimes dogs pee at inappropriate times. They may urinate when someone greets them or when they get really excited. Dogs will do this in any body position.

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This is a photo of my precious toy Poodle, Gigi. She gets extremely excited when I get home. She has excited peed on my carpet, on my tile, on my couch, and on my shoes.

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It seems that a little accident here and there bring most normal people to their knees! Honestly, this is pretty normal. That is right; this behavior requires that you deal with it in a very specific way in order for it to disappear as quickly as it started!


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