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I had to call Attorney General John Ashcroft recently to ask if he had instructed his advance team to remove naked lady statues and calico cats from his vicinity because they were wicked. Andrew Tobias, the financial writer and Democratic Party treasurer, had written in his Web column in November that an Ashcroft advance team ''had shown up at the American Embassy in The Hague to check out the digs, saw cats in residence, and got nervous. They were worried there might be a calico cat.

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S ometimes it's the small stabs of meaty, ugly irony that provide the strongest jolts of pleasure, the most potent whiffs of toe-curling perspective and soul-curdling karmic vinegar. Because he doesn't like to be photographed in front of them, is why. Because they're partially naked.

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The cover-up is over at the Justice Department. With barely a word about it, workers yesterday removed the blue drapes that have famously With a change in leadership at Justice, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faced the question: Would they stay or would they go?

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Posted June 25, After more than three years of being blocked by large blue drapes, two Art Deco aluminium statues of semi-nude figures in the US Justice Department's Great Hall can be seen again. The Spirit of Justice and the Majesty of Justicewhich loom over the stage in the Great Hall, were blocked from view by curtains installed by the department in Januarywhen former attorney-general John Ashcroft was in office.

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Mr Ashcroft, a member of a Pentecostal church called the Assemblies of God, does not dance, drink or gamble and fiercely opposes homosexuality and pornography. They flank the large stage from which attorneys-general make major speeches. Last November, after announcing a restructuring of the department to cope with the threat of terrorism, Mr Ashcroft was presented with press pictures showing his serious visage next to the Spirit of Justice's breast.

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In the U. Two of the works by Jennewein were larger than life, Art Deco style, cast aluminum statues titled Spirit of Justice and Majesty of Justice. The U.

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Menu Political Hotwire. University covers nude statues for Church delegation. Thread starter The Man Start date Aug 23,

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John Ashcroft to speak in the Great Hall without fear of a breast showing up behind him in television or newspaper pictures. They also provoked jokes about and criticism of the deeply religious Ashcroft. With a change in leadership at Justice, Atty. Alberto R.

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Statue of half-naked Minnie hidden behind blue curtain on stage where Obama will soon speak. The U. Justice Department's Great Hall, ready for Obama.

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. While men fly airplanes into skyscrapers, dive bomb the pentagon, while they stick explosives into their shoes, and then book a seat right next to us, while they hide knives in their luggage, steal kids on school buses, take little girls from their beds at night drive trucks into our state capital buildings, while our president calls dangerous men all over the world evildoers and devils, while we live in the threat of biological warfare nuclear destruction, annihilation, you are out buying yardage to save Americans from the appalling alarming, abominable aluminum alloy of evil, that terrible ten foot tin tittie. You might not be able to find Bin Laden But you sure as hell found the hooter in the hall of justice.


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