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It was produced by Detail and Choppa Boi. The music video for the track was released on February 14, The track is a hip hop song whose lyrics criticize stereotypical behaviors commonly associated with men.

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Bring that mic You see I'm bout to talk a little crazy Make sure it's no children around, no old folks And I'm usually really respectful It's just It's just I had to do it Nigga told me come get y'all Aha! Uh Look at y'all pitiful, typical, living with some bitches call yo sister you don't even know Bitches Look look, look at y'all bitches Look, look, look Aha, look at y'all worn out whored out, slored out, pussy walls tore out All y'all bitches Look look Just look at y'all bitches Look look Tell me she want some red bottoms, give her little head Got em, no problem, take a little trip Leave yo kids home while you get a little dick Tight bitch, thinkin you slick Tryna get rich off a nigga like me type bitch Know my real niggas gon' like this shit They gon' love this shit, they gon' rock this shit They like Nicki she didn't even have to drop this shit But I got this shit, you can ask my clique How many pretty bitches kicked out this bitch? She just put a pic with a nigga up And the same minute, that's when she hit me up Talkin bout Trigga when we getting up And you know it's been a minute since we really fucked Get it up quick type bitch, in the whip type bitch She don't leave a drip then you kiss that bitch type bitch Look at y'all bitches These hoes crazy, I swear out here Sellin ass and dreams, frontin like queens but it ain't what it seem Watch out for that Type bitch I've done seen these hoes jump table to table tellin fibs and favors Look at y'all bitches These hoes ain't yours, these hoes ain't mine Nigga these hoes are by design Look at y'all bitches And I ain't through wit y'all bitches Ain't nothing to do wit y'all bitches I hit a couple y'all bitches then I'm through wit y'all bitches Uh uh my ambitions Like who is you talkin' to?

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We the men of hip-hop America finally had a male champion. Someone to fight the girlpower. Someone to carry the torch and deliver us from Chili.

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Sign in. See the trailers we loved this week, including The Addams Family and " Mindhunter. Watch our trailer of trailers. The monochrome video takes places in a vacant section of land near a mountain range.

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Sorry hip-hop, but if Nicki Minaj 's rhymes on her braggadocios new single, "Lookin' Ass Na" pissed you off, it wasn't intentional. The Queen of the Barbz was just out to level the playing field, lyrically speaking, for all of the women who never get a chance to "talk crazy. I think that I am in a position to put a record out that women can feel empowered by in our own way, you know?

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Am I the only one that doesn't get why these people bounce and touch their damn faces in these videos? I think they're trying to dance but because they only show their big dumb face, they have to put their hands in there and bounce around to make it look like stuff is happening. My guess is that it kinda looks like how people act in anime title sequences?

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Rapper Nicki Minaj has never shied away from making a statement — and with her latest video, the rapstress is back in the crosshairs of controversy. The image has since been taken down, but you can see it here. Shortly after she posted the picture to her Instagram account, the uproar began — including a Change.

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But is it really, though? Others of you will never, ever be allowed to say this word out loud, and please tell me you understand why. Stay with me. I mentioned in an earlier piece that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

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Detail has uncredited vocals singing the hook. It was written by Minaj, and produced by Detail. A music video was released for the song on February 12,and served as the main release for the song.

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